User Roles

Iris has three default user roles for the Iris system. Additional user roles can be created if you have admin access to Iris. Continue reading further down in this article for more information on how to create new roles or edit existing ones.


There are two things that you need to do to restrict users within Iris. You need to give them a view filter and give them a role. Both must be done.


The view filter restricts the data that the user can see, the role restricts the parts of the Iris application that the user can see.


To set up a view filter, you choose which point on the on the tree hierarchy the user must have access. Usually, this is at a customer or country level.


The default roles in Iris are:


An IRIS-ADMIN has read-write rights to all parts of the application within your view filter.



An IRIS-USER has read-only rights to all parts of the application, except the configuration pages, within the view filter.



An IRIS-CUSTOMER only has graph browser rights within the view filter.

Create a new role

You are able to create a new role within the Iris system. This might be necessary when you would like your team to be responsible or not responsible for tasks listed under the current roles. It might also be necessary for you to create special permissions for a customer.

Let’s have a look at how to do this.

Click the + icon to add a new role on the Roles page.

The Create a new role pop-up will be displayed. Give the role a name and add a description.

Select the relevant permissions for this role and click Save.


How to create a login for a user

You can create a login for an existing customer or for a new customer.

Click on the + icon on the top of your screen.


1. The Create a new User pop-up will be displayed.

2. Type in the name and surname of the new user in the Full Name field.

3. Type in the email address of the new user in the E-mail Address field.

4. Type in the username in the Username field.

5. Create a password for the new user and type it in the Password field.

6. Confirm the password by retyping it in the Confirm field.

7. Select the correct role for the new user.

8. Type in the View name in the View Filter field.

9. You can select a different landing page or you can keep it on default.



The role will depend on the user rights for the system. If you are unsure which role you should select, please refer to the User-role section in your guide.



How to edit an existing user

You can edit an existing customer.


Click on your username or number on the right of the navigation bar at the top of your screen. Select Switch user.


Select the user you would like to update by clicking in the Sel column on the left of your screen. Click the edit user icon in the Actions column.


1. The Edit User pop-up will be displayed.

2. Update the Password and retype the password in the Confirm field.

3. Click on the radio button next to Force change on next login.

4. Ensure that all the other information is correct and does not need to be updated.

5. Click Save.


How to switch a customer view

You are able to switch Users within the Iris System. This will enable you to see your customer’s screen should this be required.


92ny0JA73K7ApuZGglnhrHs2tihDt7QsFw.pngClick on your login name/number on the right of the navigation bar.
Select Switch user from the drop-down.
8IIb0QN2i3KNHVtzxScWVI3tMDJ7uVSWtg.pngClick on the user that you would like to switch to from the Sel column.
Click the Switch user icon in the Actions column.


The default screen of the user that you have switched to will be displayed. You can navigate through this user’s profile.
v_1jZz3I7EM_fXewWwE2bo71RbPhQQ2wgQ.pngTo log out from this user, click on the name/number on the right of the navigation bar on your screen and select Logout.