Mnemonics are automatically discovered and added into Iris from the network. It’s not possible to change a mnemonic except through changing the configuration on the router. However, there are certain fields which are editable and pertain to the mnemonic. The most common of these is the alias.

How to edit the alias to a mnemonic

An alias is a friendly name for a mnemonic. This is how we change an alias of a mnemonic.

Step 1


1. Click on Configuration on the navigation bar at the top of the

Step 2


1. Click on Views and then Edit Mnemonics from the drop-down

Step 3


1. The Mnemonics page will be displayed.

2. Search for the mnemonic that you would like to edit by typing in the Mnemonics filter field.

2. Select the mnemonic you would like to edit by clicking in the Sel column on the left of your screen.

3. Click the edit icon on the top of your screen or in the Actions column.

Step 4


1. The Edit Mnemonic pop-up will be displayed.

2. Add or edit the alias in the Alias field.

3. Click Save.


If the lock is open, the IP is no longer automatically set.



How to move a mnemonic into a view (site)

To add a mnemonic to a site, you should search for the site in the View search box and then click add.


It is possible to have mnemonics in many views, however this is strongly discouraged as this effectively means there are two or more “points of view” that need to be maintained for the same mnemonic and it puts additional load on the system. There are usually much better ways to achieve the same thing which is less confusing. We can deal with that later under Managing Views.


Note that in order for mnemonics to be moved into a view, the device must be multi-tenanted; in other words, a PE or similar kind of device. If the device is not multi-tenanted (as the case with a CE device), then you’ll see the following message: