There are several new features that have been included in this release of IRIS. These include:

  • The ability to view configuration diffs for devices in the graph browser as well as the troubleshooter has been added.
  • Escalation groups can be set up in alarm notifications, to send out notifications for alarms that have yet to be acknowledged after a certain period of time.
  • For user reports, certain columns can now be hidden from view, i.e. mnemonics, routers and interfaces.
  • The ability to add SYSLOG and SNMP TRAP rules via the frontend has been added.
  • Column filters have been added to the Device Info Report to improve searching.
  • Options such as copy/bulk delete/column filtering has been added to User dashboards and Reports to be more consistent with rest of IRIS.
  • For the current and suppressed alarms pages, you now have the ability to select multiple alarms and bulk edit/acknowledge/defer them.
  • The ability to filter on the Severity column has been added to the Alarms pages as well as Event Log Search.
  • A few improvements have been done for the Event Log Search page, such as:
    • ability to search across all logs
    • filter events according to view
    • filter according to individual columns
    • additional columns (basetag/device) to improve searching
  • The option to schedule reports on a yearly or quarterly basis has now been added.
  • Options to defer alarms for an hour, day, week, forever has been added to the context menu for the alarms pages.
  • The ability to view any notes of devices or mnemonics has been added to the alarms pages when right clicking on an alarm.
  • On the Edit Mnemonics page, the original interface description for a mnemonic gets displayed.
  • In Alarm Notifications, an option “show matches” has been added to indicate which alarms will match and be notified on for the current alarm notification configuration.
  • A “show matches” option has been added to the Matching Rule section (Set Thresholds page) to indicate which elements will match the current threshold configuration.
  • A duration column has been added to the Alarms pages to indicate the total duration of an alarm in one state (ALARM/CLEAR).
  • Configuration diffs can be viewed from the User dashboards.
  • The ability to set a custom ‘from’ address for alarm notification groups has been added.

Recent changes available in iris-1.2.2 build 575

Features added:

  • Addition of field for custom emoticon has been added for Slack notifications. IRIS-2661
  • The ability match on Device and Mnemonic aliases for threshold breaches, has been added.  IRIS-2737
  • Graph searches have been improved by speeding up db queries with the use of trigram indices. IRIS-2749

Bug fixes:

  • Issue where the alarm notification descriptions didn’t display in mail notifications has been fixed. IRIS-2766
  • Graph errors caused null.rrds have now been resolved - these should not display anymore.  IRIS-2756
  • Alarm notifications set to trigger for source “Any” wasn’t sending out notifications. This has now been resolved. IRIS-2766
  • The issue of exporting flow data to PDF from the troubleshooter has been fixed. IRIS-2724
  • Resetting the graph in the troubleshooter (click `Reset`) wasn’t changing the time frame set - clicking reset now defaults a time frame of a day. IRIS-2760
  • Incorrect Failure statuses for Device checks from the Graph Browser has been fixed. IRIS-2773
  • The issue with discover processes causing high cpu / load has been resolved. IRIS-2805
  • The issue with backup configurations not displaying for Cisco Nexus devices has been fixed. IRIS-2787
  • Graphs now order correctly according to their rank value on the graph search page. IRIS-2741
  • The issue where Pertinent Configs of a device wasn’t displaying in the troubleshooter has now been fixed. IRIS-2809