Please send the following information:

  • Vendor name and model number of the device
  • The software version(s) that need to be supported
  •  All the required vendor MIBs
  •  Full SNMPwalks from actual device

    For the walks you need to use something like this:
    SNMPbulkwalk -ObentU -v 2c -c COMMUNITY DEVICE

    Often you will need to also walk the vendor MIBs specifically and you'd probably need to do this for each MIB e.g.:
    SNMPbulkwalk -ObentU -v 2c -c COMMUNITY DEVICE .

  •  A brief description of what you would like to graph (attach screenshots if necessary)
  •  A device to test with once poller is written (please provide IP and SNMP community string/login details)
  • CLI / screenshots of web management interface of the commands showing the data