The dormant feature uses an algorithm which looks at the traffic passing through the interface. It then assigns a value to the graph which is representative of the amount of traffic. There are two rules which determine whether a link is dormant or not:

1. The mnemonic must be dormant ( the dormant field in the mnemonic table), which is indicated by the following:


     • The graph value is 0 (no traffic passing over the interface).

     • The last activity time exceeds the set time – default is 60 days.

     • The alarm status must be NEW or ACK.


2. The graph is archived.


If the link satisfies both of these rules then the ticket status of the event will automatically be set to DORMANT. If traffic starts passing through the interface, the value of the graph will increase over time, which means the interface will no longer be dormant. The algorithm works both ways. If there is a decrease in traffic, the value of the graph will decrease setting the interface to DORMANT.