IP SLA is a component of the Cisco iOS that gives the ability to collect information about the network performance in real time (as it happens).

When your results are 0.09 packets, one of the reasons is that sometimes you complete 5 jitters tests depending on where you poll in the polling period(5-minute) interval and when the tests are run. Theoretically 100 packs per 5-minutes but this doesn’t not occur all the time. Why not? This is a result that it is not being polled at the exact time rrdtool calculates what it considered to be the average based on the incoming/current timestamps for each primary data point (PDP).To view the PDP for the specified time period, you need to go the troubleshooter >> export data. 

Normally, its a 100 packet but as the above shows sometimes you receive value other than the 100 packet(101.8, 83.4 .etc) if you look at the time completions they are not integers either. 

Therefore; the main reason for seeing 0.09 packet is the poll times are not exactly on the 5-minute boundary, rrdtool is therefore indicating that some of the packets  were in the 14:50 interval and some in the 14:55 interval so theoretically if you add them up they will equal to 1 packet, but remember that you are pulling the average data. Mathematically to get the max value for "late" the PDP for the 14:55 interval was used: 0.906 / (117.226 + 0.906) * 100 = 0.76.

note that num_packets is computed by adding all the successful + loss packet to get the total therefore do not use num_rtt as the "Total". this would be complex to work out how rrdtool calculate the PDP.