Features added

The ability to view traffic graphs as a “live” graph where you can view data as it comes in after certain intervals (5-60 seconds), has been added to the troubleshooter. IRIS-785

A check hostname function has been added to the Check Device option, which automatically fills in the hostname when the IP and community string (or port number) has been added to the Device Configuration. IRIS-639, -1434

For the rotating graph and static graph widgets in user dashboards, users are now able to click through to the troubleshooter for the specific graph being displayed. IRIS-793, -1672

The ability to use scale suffixes (K,M, G, T) to denote large numbers of traffic has been added to the Criteria fields in the Threshold Configuration. IRIS-1315

For alarms pages, users are now able to specify the refresh rate after a period of inactivity or disabled refresh on these pages all together. IRIS-1578

The status of devices in the Device Health dashboard is now clickable to provide more detail of the alarms of that device. IRIS-1668

The suppressed alarms widget now gets sorted by status and name by default. IRIS-1700

Mnemonics have been added to stacks to make provide a nice description that can be used for reporting purposes. IRIS-1788 (check iris-1851)

The ability to see results from multiple pollers when performing ping/traceroute checks from events pages has been added. IRIS-1906

An utility page (Configuration —> Tools —> Ping and Traceroute) has been added where the user can select a poller they would like to perform a ping or traceroute check from. IRIS-1927

The ability to exclude (!) certain elements/strings has been added to filters on the alarms pages. IRIS-2011

Flow data can now be exported to CSV from the flow explorer page. IRIS-1305

A new stacking option is available where a stack can be configured (Configuration —> Views —> Edit Stacks). These stacks are searchable via search page/graph browser/dashboards and can also be reported on in User reports. IRIS-1581

Users are able to create a topology of devices which can be visually displayed through a heatmap. The topology can be created in Configuration -> Monitoring -> Set Topology and then added to a heat map widget in User Dashboards. IRIS-1949

Improvements added

The ability to view flows of a flow track graph in the troubleshooter (show flow data) has been added. IRIS-385

In device configuration you’re now able to configure a device according to its class (CORE/PE/CE) and vendor/type. IRIS-1613,

For alarm notifications the ability to match on devices only have been added. IRIS-1816

Better HA environment has been put in place to deal with possibility of failover. IRIS-1819

Device/Hostname validation has been changed to be more descriptive (”hostname is not unqiue (please use undelete)”). IRIS-1845

Web sockets are no longer used - netdiscovery is now done via Gearman. IRIS-1896, -1922

A render timestamp has been added to all alarms pages to give an indication of when the page last refreshed. IRIS-1940

A totals tab has been added to the flow explorer page to indicate the total number of bytes and packets. IRIS-866

The ability to set host specific iris.conf config options has been added. IRIS-1960

The option to check snmp (right click on alarm —> check snmp) from the events pages has been added. IRIS-1508

From the flow track list, you are now able to click through to the flow track graph in the troubleshooter. IRIS-1907

The option to check snmp for an alarm (right click on alarm —> check snmp) from the alarms pages has been added. IRIS-1508

Community strings now autocomplete on the Device Discovery page which allows the user to easily add previously used strings in the Community field. IRIS-1104

For user dashboards, the ability to add a time control to the dashboard has been added, which allows you to look at graphs for any set period of time. The time control only applies to the Static Graph widget. IRIS-2218

Device IPs are now visible in the Device Info Report. IRIS-2305

Bugs fixed

Event sorting based on element name has been fixed for the alarms table in the graph browser. IRIS-1994

The issue with directly related events not showing for a graph in the troubleshooter, has been fixed. IRIS-1730

When Setting a specific time period on the search page and troubleshooter, it now remembers the time selected and does not jump back to the current time. IRIS-1818, IRIS-2225

Issues with user reports not displaying all the data (totals in/out, latency) has been fixed. IRIS-2266, IRIS-2280