Iris 1.2 saw quite a few major changes in the design with the additions of the concept of "Views". Also, a lot of the configuration was overhauled and the graphs browser underwent extensive changes, all as a result of the addition of this new concept.

In addition to this some backend changes were made including:

  • No more Customers, Customer Groups, Device groups or Mnemonic groups - everything is a View
  • Caching layer added to reduce load on server for repeat requests
  • Graph updaters more efficient
  • Discovery process more lightweight and less load on servers
  • Active monitoring/Thresholds/Syslogs all now using weighted alarms for more fine-grained control over suppression
  • Javascript library overhaul for more consistency in front-end behaviour
  • Many backend requests moved to use REST API instead of traditional models
  • Background job server for asynchronous tasks added

Some of the more notable front-end changes:

  • All configuration pages support undelete, bulk-edit, copy, and show more columns
  • Configuration now available from other places such as the Graphs browser
  • Graph browser tree completely overhauled with drag and drop support and rename on the fly.
  • New look and feel for Graphs Browser
  • New status pages for devices and elements
  • Context help added to many of the configuration pages
  • New widgets added for dashboards

New feature - Dormant Graphs

The rules for dormancy is as follows:

1. The mnemonic must be dormant (dormant field in mnemonics table), which is in turn determined by:

(a) the rank of associated iftraffic graph must be 0 (b) the lastactive time (column in graphs table) must be longer than dormantPeriodDays in iris.conf (default is 60, but 7 is probably sane) - lastactive is the timestamp at which rank was set to 0


(c) the graph must be archived

2. The alarm status must currently be NEW or ACK

If (1) and (2) are satisfied, then the ticket_status will automatically be set to DORMANT. Setting it back to ACK will set it to dormant again. Currently, there is no way to manually set to DORMANT status without causing issues in 1.1.8.

Please just be aware.

Features added

Users now have the ability to change the hostname of a device and force updates through IRIS. IRIS-1105

A health status bar has been added to depict the health of the network based on events. This is available in the graph browser’s summary page. IRIS-1187

For alarm notifications, more options for notification hours have been made available. IRIS-1138

Config to look up default rancid credentials has been added. IRIS-892

The suppressed view can now be added as a widget in user dashboards. IRIS-1285

Reports can be automatically generated in CSV format as well as PDF. The option is available on the report generator page. IRIS-1085

The ability to duplicate thresholds has been added. IRIS-1066

A user's view has been restricted to display only the views that they are allowed to see on the Manage Views page (i.e. parent or child views that are assigned to them). IRIS-888

An IP search can now be done on the search page and in the graph browser search. IRIS-608

The ability to override the bandwidth statement has been added. IRIS-733

The graph browser window can be resized to make long mnemonic names visible. IRIS-558

Reports that get exported from the troubleshooter have more user-friendly names now, instead of export.csv and report.pdf. IRIS-1270

The ability to force users to change their passwords on next logon has been added. IRIS-1283

A ‘clear all filters’ button has been added to events and configuration pages to remove all filters that have been added. IRIS-1267

The ability to set detailed permissions for a user has been added. IRIS-1020

A view column for manage devices has been added. IRIS-980

In-app help options have been added to sections of IRIS to provide more information on certain concepts. IRIS-744

A page for device status showing the device's up/down status, number of down events etc. has been added to the graph browser. IRIS-1207, IRIS-594, IRIS-1040

The ability to bulk edit devices and all other options in the configuration section in IRIS has been added. IRIS-958

Ability to copy thresholds to use as a template has been added. IRIS-655

Advanced search options have been added where the user can specify graph type and category on the search page. IRIS-61

Ability to adjust the timeframe for flow data in the graph browser’s netflow option has been added. IRIS-1206

Users (with user-level access) are now able to access the flow explorer through the use of detailed permissions. IRIS-1243

IRIS is now SNMPv3 compliant. IRIS-241

In the device health dashboard, the suppressed view table is displayed when clicking on an alarm. IRIS-1311

With the new health dashboard, the router names are now displayed. IRIS-1117

When deleting a device, the device name has been added to the confirmation modal to ensure that the correct device gets deleted. IRIS-1393

The search page has been de-duplicated to remove duplicated graphs from the page. IRIS-1325

An option to view flow data for a device has been added to the drop-down in the graph browser. IRIS-1514

Changes to maps (deleting/updating a map) now get logged in the audit log. IRIS-1488

Changes that get logged to the audit log are more descriptive now. IRIS-1233

When acknowledging/deferring alarms, an automatic comment gets added stating who performed the action. IRIS-1320

In the flow explorer, you are now able to export the data to a PDF report. IRIS-1242

The circuit identifier has been added to the troubleshooter. IRIS-1585

The ability to hide clear events for the health bar chart in user dashboards, have been added. IRIS-1547

An Element Report has been added to list all elements (active/archived/deleted) of the system. IRIS-1559

A Static Graph widget has been added to user dashboards. IRIS-1758

The ability to filter on views in the TopN report has been added. IRIS-1702

Thresholds have been changed to trigger on all views including any child's views of the parent that the threshold is matching on. IRIS-1725

Security level option has been added for SNMP V3. IRIS-1754

Users have the ability to search/filter on views for the current events page. IRIS-1855

The ability to split the load between vpollers has been added. IRIS-1680.

In Edit Mnemonics, you now have the ability to update monitoring IP manually. IRIS-1535

When configuring the rev counter widget in user dashboards, the basetag and mnemonic is now shown in the autocomplete. IRIS-1868

The ability to export the health dashboard to CSV has been added. IRIS-1787

The VRF column is now available for display on the Edit Mnemonics page. IRIS-1717

An alarm notification will be sent for any syslogs or Traps alarming for the first time (no CLEAR alarm required). IRIS-1853

The ability to use Pushbullet, Slack and Telegram channels has been added to Notification Groups. IRIS-1914, IRIS-1971, IRIS-1973

Custom re-alarm periods can now be set in configs for alarm notifications. IRIS-1936

Improvements made

The API is now role and filter aware to take view filters and permissions into account. IRIS-1276

The ability to match on message for SYSLOG notifications has been added. The 'match message’ is also applied to all notification options. IRIS-1221

Ajax calls saving actions to the audit log will now be done via the API. IRIS-1277

The option to exclude netflow when exporting data to pdf from the troubleshooter has been added. IRIS-642

The ability to drag/drop and reorder views in the graph browser tree has been added. IRIS-420

General configuration pages and edit modal refactoring has been done. IRIS-1195

The ability to select a custom date on which to receive scheduled reports has been added. IRIS-861, IRIS-624

The ability to add a device or mnemonic to a view in the graph browser by matching the regex pattern has been added. IRIS-1371

The option to defer alarms in the device health dashboard is now available. IRIS-353

An indicator has been added to the Edit Mnemonics page to show whether a mnemonic is set to auto update or not. IRIS-1456

In the graph browser when more than one node is available, you'll be prompted to select a node. For only one node, the summary page will automatically be displayed. IRIS-1397

ICMP events in the suppressed view now have the highest priority and get shown as the parent alarm for the suppressed alarms. IRIS-1522

A view filter has been added to the suppressed alarms widget in user dashboards. IRIS-1546

The device name has been added to the check devices modal. IRIS-1634

Rev counters in the graph browser have been changed to segmented pie graphs for a more clear view on alarm statuses. IRIS-1598

Filters have been applied to more fields in Thresholds to make searching easier. IRIS-1948

View ids and view codes have been added to alarm notifications and can be seen in the notify log. IRIS-1761

Bugs fixed

Graph browser issues such as incorrectly placed graphs (IRIS-1062); maps not showing (IRIS-1329); filters not being remembered (IRIS-1385); incorrect or no data being displayed fro device stats/config (IRIS-1390, -1391); issues with resizing graphs (IRIS-1496) and incorrect graphs titles displayed (IRIS-1651, -1629) have all been fixed.

Validation has been applied to avoid creating duplicate or incorrect items in multiple sections of IRIS. Things such as user roles (IRIS-1354); view codes (IRIS-1347); manage users (IRIS-1353); device hostname/hostname change (IRIS-1458) all have unique constraints applied.

Issues in the troubleshooter have been fixed; related graphs not showing (IRIS-1355), NOW/RESET buttons not working (IRIS-1501).

For restricted users, all pages should now be filtered correctly to the view assigned to the user. They should not be able to see any data outside the assigned view at sections such as health dashboards (IRIS-879); maps (IRIS-1387); reports (IRIS-1364) and config pages (IRIS-1516).

Permission issues for events pages have been sorted (IRIS-1398).

Issues in user dashboards have been fixed for the top alarm, suppressed alarms, rotating graph and health bar chart widget (IRIS-1342, -1377, -1386, -1410, -1285).

Issues for actions in Config pages have been fixed. Alarm notifications (IRIS-1352), notification groups (IRIS-1351) can be successfully copied/edit/saved.

Bulk edit issues which return bad request errors have been sorted out (IRIS-1363, IRIS-1362).

Issues on the Manage Devices page have been fixed (IRIS-1344).

Manager Users issues such as bulk adding roles not working, logging in with view filters seeing all users, etc. have been fixed (IRIS-1429).

Various report issues have been resolved, such as the ability to save nameless user reports; accessing the info report and fixing old report format. IRIS-1343

DBSYNCD issues have been fixed (IRIS-1396, -1526).

All graph types now get assigned to views, not just interface graphs (IRIS-1383).

Sorting/filtering works correctly now. No more issues when sorting/filtering on view column (IRIS-1402).

TopN issues have been sorted; graph popup appears correctly (IRIS-1366); the report doesn’t take long to load now (IRIS-1523).

API error when calling graphs has been fixed (IRIS-1408).

Issues with showing/exporting data for config pages have been fixed (IRIS-1405, -1490).

The issue with feederd has been fixed; doesn’t keep dying anymore. IRIS-1401

The issue where a huge amount of LDAP traffic being generated, has now been fixed. IRIS-1504

Matching on views in thresholds and alarm notifications now cascade down to alarm on child views as well. IRIS-1729

Setting the time period in the flow explorer now remembers and does not jump to the current time. IRIS-1713

The issue where the incorrect BH values were returned by the API has been fixed.IRIS-1762

Validation issues have been sorted for setting maintenance periods. IRIS-1778

After a session timeout, you now get returned to the same URL. IRIS-1901

Issues with alarm notifications not sending and/or sending to the wrong view/notification group have been sorted out.IRIS-1900, IRIS-1884, IRIS-1950

Columns not aligning correctly in user reports have been fixed. IRIS-1089

When deleting a device or changing its hostname, all related alarms will now be removed. IRIS-1898, IRIS-1897

Deleted/archived mnemonics are no longer shown in view based stacks. IRIS-1978

Correct colour is now being displayed for Disk Status bar of a device in the graph browser. IRIS-1986

The issue where notifyd does not take the timezone of the server into account has been fixed. IRIS-2005

Columns in reports have the correct name (`Device` and not `Router`). IRIS-2019

Notification groups ( method column ) now displays icons for all methods configured. IRIS-2006

The issue where the graph browser login prompt showing in the right panel instead of the browser page, has been fixed. IRIS-2026

The issue where a device set to SNMP V3 only does an ICMP check has now been fixed. IRIS-1946

Device aliases are now displayed when pulling a report. IRIS-2133

The ability to exclude interfaces and only show stats of devices when pulling a report has been added. This is done by adding the regex "!__" to the search filter of the report. IRIS-2139

When a user with view filter adds a device, it now prompts the user to add the view before allowing the device to be saved. IRIS-2142