Features added:

Ping and traceroute has been made more interactive with web sockets, now showing results when “check ping” and “check traceroute” is selected when right clicking on an alarm in the event manager (IRIS-975).

The ability to select “network” in the type dropdown has been added to the health bar chart widget in user dashboards (IRIS-951).

Graphs that has a rank of 0 (no data passed) have been hidden from search, reports and dashboards (IRIS-907).

The ability to add a custom customer logo to the graph browser has been added for users with customer access (IRIS-311).

Hints on how to use intricate search strings have been added to the search page (IRIS-708).

User dashboards: the ability to zoom in on the graph in the heath bar chart to be able to see the number of alarms better has been added (IRIS-1094).

The ability to show/hide additional columns (duration and last occurrence) have been added to the top alarm widget (IRIS-1045).

The ability to search on the device aliases on the search page have been added (IRIS-947).

The ability to automatically reload configs such as irislog_inc.conf, syslog_inc.conf and traplog_inc.conf have been added (IRIS-1026).

The ability to automatically defer alarms outside of business hours have been added (IRIS-1027).

More detail has been added to the edit alarm modal in Event Manager (IRIS977).

More predetermined timeframe options have been added to the graph browser and search page (IRIS-930).

The ability the edit the flow tracker config via the web interface has been added (IRIS-75).

A downtime duration report for devices and interfaces have been added (IRIS-610).

A device firmware version report has been added (IRIS-609).

Improvements made:

The ability to search multiple keywords in the event manager has been added (IRIS-978).

The device profile list has been alphabetise for more efficient use (IRIS-1095).

The ability to export all the fields of manage devices to CVS has been added (IRIS-1097).

“no data” label has been added for grey nodes in the device health dashboards (IRIS-567).

The ability to select “any” as a source (any alarm matching the criteria) for alarm notifications have been added (IRIS-995).

The ability to add and change port monitoring via the frontend has been added (IRIS-329).

The ability to see which user has acknowledged an event has been added. This gets logged in the audit log (IRIS-522).

The ability to save your search as a track flow in the flow explorer has been added (IRIS-180).

Bugs that have been resolved:

A newly created dashboard has been fixed to not rename the previously loaded one (IRIS-1025).

Event Manager: you are able to do a search on device names (IRIS-1091).

Graphs showing “Authorisation Failed” in the pdf report has been fixed (IRIS-1096).

Health and rotating graph widget issues (where "type search" field did not change when the “type” field changed) have been fixed (IRIS-1093).

The rotating graphs layout has been fixed to show to correct number of columns and rows as the ones selected (IRIS-1080).

The issue of not being able to upload customer image to user reports have been fixed (IRIS-1090).

In device health dashboards, devices that show grey nodes for devices with data has been fix (IRIS-1137).

The issue of not being able to add text to the “from address” and "recipient list” in user reports has been resolved. When the automation is set to "generate once and manually after that”, the fields mentioned above are not needed (IRIS-1139).

Issue with moving dashboards making editing dashboards difficult has been fixed (IRIS-1140).

Report header has been fixed to now show in the pdf report (IRIS-1112).

Issue in the graph browser where you’re unable to search for aliases have been fixed (IRIS-1132).

Acknowledgements not working correctly (status not changing when you ACK or being unbold, not all events being ACKed)in the suppressed view has been fixed (IRIS-1079).

The resetting of Events columns have been fixed (IRIS-1136).

The issue of being in the maps tab of a device and then moving to a device without maps in the graph browser causing the page to show blank, has been fixed. Also customers belonging to a group but who don't have any maps, will now be able to see the total number of maps that belong to the group (IRIS-1125).

The issue of the graph search not returning data when using “and, ^, $, !” in the string has been fixed (IRIS-1168).