Features added:

Better customisation of logo’s and the UI for branding have been added (IRIS-1010).

The ability for users to be directed to a specified landing page upon login have been added (IRIS-973). The landing page can be selected from a drop-down list in the Add/Edit User page.

The ability to hide graphs with the rank of 0 from search, reports and dashboards has been added (IRIS-913). This is done by adding a checkbox to the search interfaces.

Login attempts from users have been logged in the audit log (IRIS-707).

The ability to lock user dashboards preventing other users from editing it has been added (IRIS-688).

The ability to select the number of rows and columns that graphs should be displayed in has been added. Graphs get resized to fit the full width of the frame (IRIS-665).

Notification groups can be edited directly from the Alarm Notifications page (IRIS-62).

The ability to hide non-visible graphs in the graph browser for CUSTOMER level access has been added (IRIS-1048).

Timestamp column has been added to dashboard widget for alarms (IRIS-1037).

The ability to do a network discovery on IPs from the configuration panel has been added (IRIS-870).

Improvements made:

RANK option has been removed from the Metric Variable drop-down in the threshold configuration (IRIS-1052).

The ability to view net flow and the flow explorer has been added for users with USER level access (IRIS-976). If a restriction filter set, they cannot see netflow/flow explorer.

The graph display options have been saved according to the user’s settings. Will be applied automatically on next login (IRIS-900).

The option to use ^ (starts with) and $ (ends with) in search graphs has been added. Users can use a “^” to denote search that "starts with" a specific word and the same with "ends with” (IRIS-674).

The option to add offending graph (graphs triggering a threshold) to notification emails have been added (IRIS-454)

The ability to add acme support into rancid and display the config and diff’s in the web portal has been added (IRIS-90).

Bugs that have been resolved:

Maps button for customer without maps installed has been removed (IRIS-1051)

flowsProxy has been fixed to direct to the correct flow engine (IRIS-1049).

A customer (CUSTOMER level access) can now click on a mnemonic in the graph browser and then click on netflow, and it shows netflow data (previously did not show) (IRIS-1044).

The ability for a user with USER level access to view the suppressed event view as been added (IRIS-1041).

Snips alarm notifications not looking at customer code has been fixed (IRIS-1038).

Graph filter in the search graph that doesn’t filter out all the graphs not belonging to the customer filter applied has been fixed (IRIS-1034).

Graphs has been resized to fit the full width of the frame in the graph browser (IRIS- 1032).

Admins can no longer edit there own access filter, the ability to change or remove it to access everything has been removed (IRIS-1023).

The issue of adding a comment after changing the status of an event in the Event Manager, where the status remains the same as the one it's changed to, and the comment does not show in the comment column, has been fixed (IRIS-1004).

The issue of double polling causing spikes has been fixed (IRIS-867).

Feederd Alcatel ifDescr ~ Alcatels returning the interface description under ifDescr instead of ifAlias like Cisco’s have been fixed (IRIS-835).

The ability to do parallel LWP calls for net flow, cdrs and fortilogs have been added (IRIS-749).

The issue of the Rev Counter widget - the mnemonic ajax field returning all mnemonics (deleted and archived), but should only pull gdefs for things that are percentage (%) based and not all the graph types, have been fixed (IRIS-724).

The ability for customers with CUSTOMER level access to see maps in the graph browser has been added (IRIS-283).