• Device Health Reports

Under Reports -> Device Health from the Iris menu, there is now a new report available indicating the Health of a device grouped by device group. The Health is indicated by cpu/memory/availability/calculated up time and calculated downtime

  • New Threshold System

The new threshold system allows you to set warning / critical for floor and ceiling values. In the new version, there is also the ability to add custom messages when the threshold is breached or cleared

  • Multi-tenancy on devices.

This allows the administrator to choose if the whole devices belong to a customer or if the interfaces can be assigned to multiple customers

  • Added following of Virtual-Interfaces.

This is a poller level change in order to track virtual interfaces as they are created and destroyed by the router to follow the unique description of those interfaces. This results in the ability to have DSL per user graphs.

  • API methods to search graphs.

This gives 3rd party systems access to our search api for custom portal development

  • Lazy loading.

Lazy loading allows Iris to only draw the visible graphs, thereby reducing the load on the server when large datasets are pulled.

  • Data grid upgrade.

We have upgraded our data grid to have adjustable column width and the ability to show/hide columns of your choosing.

  • New Broadsoft Poller.

Iris now has the ability to poll broadsoft media/application/network servers.

  • New VX poller.

Iris now has the ability to poll VX devices.

  • Context menu for graphs.

Right-click on the graphs to bring up the contextual menu.

  • Audit logging.

All changes through the front-end of now tracked, so this gives customers the ability to find who did what.

  • Compression option for spoold

Added the ability to compress data from the poller to the DCE via a configurable option'.'

  • Ability to delete elements.

Added the ability to delete the element if its no needed or used, this also reduces the billable element count."

  • Keylines integration.

Added this first installment of the new Iris Visualisation system to plot your network on a visual map and linking those nodes and links to Iris alarm data, giving the customer the ability to create their own network maps based on their topology allowing them to visualise the health of their network in real time. This technology works on all smartphones and browsers.


  • Expanded the notifications system to take ticket references unique to that an alarm/clear pair.
  • Added % calculation to netflow.
  • WMI poller upgrade.
  • Configuration port options in the config manager.
  • Updated translation rules, but implementing a new translation system which preserves the interface name.
  • Updated Feeder subsystem to cater for the new translation rules, thereby improving feeder systems.
  • Cleanup radius and trap loggers.
  • VMware ESXi poller upgrade
  • Browser tree changed to reorder by group.
  • Ability to add customer name to the menu bar.
  • Removed dependancy on yui2.
  • Server side processing on data grid, resulting in quicker load time for the data grid.
  • Valadation changes.
  • Changes to ICMP monitoring resulting in a better handling of monitored devices.
  • Remove dependancy on google code.
  • Storage directory optimisation for DCED, resulting in a major enhancement on how Iris handles files.
  • Improved syslog handling, resulting in the ability to choose severity and status in the alarm generation based on the syslog message.
  • Expanded monitoring types to include the new pollers.
  • DBsysncD optimisations which allow for a quicker sync between the live network and front-end configuration changes.
  • General cleanup of scripts and code.
  • Database upgrade to the latest version.
  • OS upgrade for patching and bug fixes.
  • Implemented offsite backups for DCE's configuration data.
  • Enhancement to the netflow aggregation.

Bug Fixes

  • Flowexpolorer bug fix
  • Threshold bug fixes
  • Fixes to mnemonic group
  • IE8 bug fixes
  • SnmpTrap handler fixes
  • Vitial stats for graph browser fixes
  • Changes to keepalive methods
  • Config manager fixes
  • Fix netflow export to pdf
  • Fixes to the customer filter
  • Fixed timeshift