There are various map controls for you to use to create your own maps.

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If you roll over each of the controls, the function of that control will be displayed.

When you right-click on the canvas, a pop-up with the following controls will be displayed.
  • Add a node. Examples of nodes would be: router, firewall or an abstraction like a cloud
  • Add a link
  • Add text to the map like a map title, etc.
  • Set background provides functionality to change the canvas background or to add a graphic to the canvas
  • Make the chart static is a switch. The chart nodes will stay where placed by the user
  • Make chart force directed is the opposite of a static chart. The chart nodes will stay where placed by the user
  • Create a palette that can be used as a custom colour for links
  • Palettes allow you to edit or delete created palettes. You can create a palette according to specific colours by googling RGB to Hex and obtaining the correct codes. This is particularly important when ensuring a match for corporate colours
  • Refresh refreshes the map and causes all the background AJAX calls to be sent out

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