Flapping kicks in once an alarm changes state within 30 minutes of the last state change; i.e. if a device was just added to Iris and is reachable (UP) but goes down within 30 minutes of the CLEAR alarm, it changes to ALARM with status FLAPPING. It’ll remain in flapping state as the device goes up/down, but as soon as the alarm stays in one state for longer than 30 minutes, it will come out of flapping.

Like any alarm that occurs from a device going down (alarm changes state from CLEAR to NEW), FLAPPING alarms will also send a notification (if one has been set up to match the device/interface). Then will only send a notification on the first instance of flapping. 

If the alarm continues to “flap”, going up/down within 30 minutes, no new notifications will be sent. 

Only if the alarm clears (device is reachable) and stays CLEAR for longer than 30 minutes, will a CLEAR notification be sent.

FLAPPING status applies to any source of alarm, i.e. thresholds, active monitoring, etc.