IRIS IPAM (IP Address Management) is web based system that manages your IP address space. IP address and connected routes can be automatically discovered on the network if we have access to your device configs. Alternatively, IPs and connected routes can be added manually via a spreadsheet.

IPAM is a separately licensed product.

IRIS IPAM enables you to:

  • Allocate and manage IP v4 and v6 address network blocks

  • Allocate and manage IPv4 and v6 host addresses in network blocks

  • Store customer information and intended routing information (VLAN, layer 3 interface) for non-live blocks

  • Organise allocated blocks into different assignment classes (eg. Customer networks, point-to-point)

  • Auto-assign network blocks from specified classes (eg. point-to-point from Rosebank node)

  • Browse network blocks and host addresses in logical tree view

  • Manage separate networks (VPN) in one logical view

  • Show where separate networks overlap IP address space

  • Store VRF information for routes (RD information)

  • Merge and split networks

  • Compare live network routed blocks to blocks allocated in the system (needs IRIS discovery)

  • Display routing information about when last a network block was seen on the network

  • Search network blocks

  • Store routing information including VLAN information from live network / allocated blocks

Features for a future release

  • Generate DNS zone files for A and PTR records (forward and reverse lookups) for host addresses.
  • Provide a DNS service (bind)
  • Generate DHCP config files and provision DHCP services
  • Generate whois data
  • Rwhois server to update Afrinic and ARIN (LIR compliant)