Once you have set up your IPAM system, most of the time spent administering the IP address space will be in the Networks section, and more specifically working with the subnets.

When opening this section, you will see a list of your networks that have been added. This will be a list of your superblocks and looks similar to the below:

Clicking on EDIT or on the superblock will display the following:

  1. Your Superblock is displayed, and clicking on the arrow will expand the block to show the subnets. Clicking on a subnet will display the same informational details, Allocation Map, Information, and Known Subnets.

  2. A graphical representation of how the subnet has been allocated.

  3. Some additional details about the subnet are displayed.

  4. Known subnets and associated information is displayed.

Please refer to sections on Adding a Network, Adding a subnet and Splitting a Superblock.

Merging Subnets

On the Known Subnets panel, select the subnets to merge by using the tickboxes, and then hit the Merge button which will now be un-grayed:

You will see in the example that the two /32 have now been consolidated into a /30.

Splitting a subnet

Select the subnet to split in the address column, then select the Split again button which will now be un-grayed.

You will be presented with the screen below:

On the subnet:

  • You can split the subnet into smaller blocks

  • Add the name of the network

  • Change the allocation

  • Change the type