This report shows the states of the devices within your network: healthy, warning, critical and down.

You can select the columns you would like to view in your report by clicking the drop down on the top right of the screen.

Device: Clicking on device will take you to the search panel. The search criteria will be pre-populated.

Type: This displays the type of device chosen in Manage Devices.

IP: The IP address of the device.

Location: This is the user-set SNMP location field.

Contact: This is the configured contact field on the device for SNMP.

Version: This is the firmware of OS of device reported by SNMP.

Serial number: The serial number of the device if applicable.

Seen: This is the last time Iris polled this device.

You can click the blue icon to manually start a backup of the device.

Iris Certified Engineer (ICE) Level 1, 2 and 3

We offer certification exams for all users and administrators. Tracks have been developed to cover the content for each of the levels. To register to be an ICE, please email