As an administrator in Iris, you will need to be able to set up a view. You will also need to be able to edit an existing view.

How to set up a view

Follow these steps to set up a view in Iris.

On the Views page, click the +.

Give the view a name and a description.

Select the type of customer from the drop-down in the Type field.

View types largely control how the view is displayed in the graphs browser both as icons in the tree and in the right panel.

Type in the customer code in the Code field. Every view should have a unique code. Typically, these match some CRM ID field from another system which is automatically populated. It is quite important that you pick a convention for these and stick to it to allow for automation and other niceties.

Select the correct business hours as well as the correct time zone. This is especially important if you have branches in other time zones as this will ensure that events and graphs are based on the correct time zone.

You can automatically defer alarms outside of business hours.

If you have Netflow (an additional product from Iris), then you can select this box to give you the Netflow statistics visible in this view.

If the view that you are creating has a parent view (a view that you would like this view to ‘fall under’), then type the name of that view in here and click Add.

As with parent views, if the view that you are creating has a child view, a view which needs to fall under this view, type in the name of the child view here and click Add.

The child view will now be under this view in the tree in the graphs browser.

As it tells you here in this tab, you can automatically group any devices or mnemonics into this view based on a regex pattern. A list of possible regex patterns is available on the Iris support site.

Leaving this field blank disables the automatic grouping.

Edit an existing view

Edit an existing view can be done in much the same way as setting up a new view. To edit a view, select the view from the views list page and click the edit icon either at the top of the page or in the actions column.

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