What are thresholds?

A threshold is a value that should not be exceeded. These can be set in Iris according to the requirements of your network.

Create a threshold

You are able to create thresholds for devices and elements.

On the Thresholds page, click on the + at the top of the screen.

Description Key: This is a free text field that uniquely identifies a threshold.

GDEF Source and GDEF: The GDEF source is an automatically populated list. Choose the type of threshold from the drop-down list.

Metric: Metric values are determined by the GDEF type. Select the relevant metric from the drop-down list.

Period: Select the time period over which to calculate the average from the drop-down.

In the Criteria tab, you need set the values as are relevant for the alarm or threshold breach. Sometimes you will want a breach for ceiling values and sometimes you will want a breach for floor values.

A clear message is usually 0, although in some cases, it is possible for this to have another value.

Let’s have a look at three examples to help us understand this better.

When setting up a threshold for humidity, you would want to set floor and ceiling thresholds. You would type in values for all the fields.

You can only measure the up/down status of an interface and this is an example of how you could set this up.

Traffic would be a good example for setting up a ceiling threshold. So anything that would reach 65% would be a warning and then a critical alarm would be generated at 85%.

These are just three examples of thresholds. The settings are dependant on what you would like alarms for.

Exception: Select here to ensure no alerts are sent for a pattern match on mnemonic, element or view. This will override the global settings and is useful to stop alarms being sent for a threshold breach that will always breach.
Mnemonic pattern: Match a mnemonic pattern. Use .* to match any. Keep blank to ignore.
Element pattern: Match the element. Use .* to match any. Keep blank to ignore.
View Code: Choose a view to make a threshold specific to that view and not a global threshold.
Show matches: Indicates which elements will match the current threshold configuration.

Read the rollover help icon for more information on the Impact tab.

This is experimental at the moment. So if you are new to setting up thresholds, leave this tab as warning as you see on the left here.

Edit a threshold

To edit an existing threshold, select the threshold from the list and click the edit icon at the top of the screen or in the actions column. The Edit threshold pop-up will be displayed. The fields are the same as above for setting up a new threshold.

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