Create a new alarm notification

You are able to create alarms on Iris.

Click on the + to add a new alarm notification.

Source: Select the source of the alarm.
Description: Write a relevant description.
Match View: This will only match alarms which are triggered DIRECTLY in this view.
Match Key: If you set a description key for a threshold, you have the option to match it here.
Match Mnemonic: Regex capable field to match mnemonics (elements which are tagged). Alarms are not typically generated on elements which do not have some kind of tag/mnemonic/description associated with them.
Match Element: Regex capable field to match elements. Usually it’s better to use the mnemonic, but you can use this field to explicitly match the tag if you need to.
Match Device: Regex capable field to match device. Note: This is the device name and not the alias.
Match Message: Regex capable field to match the alarm message.
Send to Group drop-down will contain any notification groups that you have created. Select the correct one to receive this particular alarm. If you do not have a list in this drop down, you will need to first create a notification group before you continue with creating the alarm. Click Add Groups for quick access.

To edit an existing alarm notification, select the notification you would like to edit either in the actions column or at the top of the page. Edit the fields as per the explanations above.

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