User roles in Iris refers to the permissions that have been applied for a specific access. To determine the role, you would have to decide what the user would need to be able to see and be able to do on Iris. You can either use the default roles or create your own roles.

The three default roles already set up in Iris are:





IRIS-ADMIN has read-write rights to all parts of the application within your view filter.

IRIS-USER has read-only rights to all parts of the application, except the configuration pages, within the view filter.

IRIS-CUSTOMER only has graph browser rights within the view filter.

Create a new role

You are able to create a new role within the Iris system. This might be necessary when you would like your team to be responsible or not responsible for tasks listed under the current roles.

It might also be necessary for you to create special permissions for a customer.

Click to add a new role.

Give the role a name and a description and then select the relevant permissions for the new role before clicking Save.

Edit a Role

You are able to edit roles that have already been set up.

Edit the name, description and/or permissions for this role and click Save.

Create a Role from a copy

You can create a role from copying an existing role. You might want to do this when a new role is very similar to an existing role, i.e. you only have to change a few permissions.

Select the role that you would like to copy and click on the copy icon in the Actions column.

Change the name, description and/or permissions for this role as required and click Save.

Iris Certified Engineer (ICE) Level 1, 2 and 3

We offer certification exams for all users and administrators. Tracks have been developed to cover the content for each of the levels. To register to be an ICE, please email