How to change your own password

You are able to change your own password anytime that you need to.

Type in your old password and then your new password. Type in the new password again and click Apply. Your password has been changed and will need to be used the next time that you log in to Iris.

Change a password for someone else

You can only change another user’s password if you are an administrator for Iris or have been given the permission to change passwords.

On the Users page, click on the username that you would like to edit. Click the edit icon in the actions column.

Change the password and confirm the password.

Click Force change on next login. This forces the user to change their password as they login again. Should this not be required, do not click this option.

Click Save.

Iris Certified Engineer (ICE) Level 1, 2 and 3

We offer certification exams for all users and administrators. Tracks have been developed to cover the content for each of the levels. To register to be an ICE, please email