To assign multiple views on a single device, the device needs to be configured as multi-tenanted. To determine if the element or link that you would like to link to a view has been set up properly, you will need to open the mnemonic from the mnemonics list.

Click on the menmonic that you would like to assign to a view.

The pop-up for that mnemonic will be displayed and you will be able to see whether it can be assigned to a view or not. 

The first example below shows that a view can be assigned.

In the second example (on the right) the device has not been configured as multi-tenant and will need to be edited.

To edit a device, you will have to go to the device page by selecting Manage Devices.

Select the device that needs to be edited and click the Multi-Tenant. Now all the elements from that device can be assigned to views.

Go back and edit the same mnemonic and you should be able to assign the mnemonic to a view. Type in the field and a list of views will appear.