You want to be able to send a email notification to your customer when their link goes down, you also want to notify your Network Operations Centre.

You need to use interface availability as your customers dont allow ICMP ping test to the CE router.

You also want to make sure you customer does not get overwhelmed with notifications. 

Step 1:

Setup the interface availability threshold

Create the threshold

Give it a name

Choose Interface and interface availability as the source

Choose Avail as the metric.

Choose the period, we set this to 30 mins which means iris will take an average over the 30 mins and if the average over the 30 mins is less than the criteria, it will trigger

Choose Floor criteria as the value will decrease from 100% -> 0% , so you want to know when it at 0%

Now that the threshold is configured we need to setup who get notified when the alarm is generated.

Step 2:

For that we first create a notification group. This tell Iris where to send the Alarm to.

Click on the plus sign to add a new notification group.

Give the notification group a name

Add the email address of the people / person you want to notify, this list can be comma separated.

Step 3:

Next we need to link the Alarm that was triggered by the threshold to the notification group.

open Edit Alarm Notifications

The source needs to be set to Threshold Breaches, and the severity Critical.

next we limit the Alarm Notification to the customer via the view code. This means that it will only match Critical threshold breaches in the Africa Bank view.

Lastly we sent the new created notification group to send the alarm too.