Let's have a look at a guarantee that has already been created to help you set up a new guarantee.

To add a guarantee to the network SLA that you have created, select the SLA from the list. Click on the + in the row Network SLA. See the blue line in the graphic below.

The Create a new Guarantee pop-up will be displayed.

Name  Type in the name of the guarantee.
Guarantee Period  Select the relevant period from the drop-down menu.
Wording  This is quite important as it is the reason WHY you are creating this guarantee. This wording will help you make sure you are setting up the guarantee correctly.
Default threshold  Select the threshold measure from the drop-down menu as well as the value that you need.

System Source  Select the source the data is going to come from from the drop-down.

GDEF Source  There are two menus. Select the source from the first drop-down and then select the relevant option from the sub-menu.

Metric  You can select a metric to match your criteria.

Check function  Notice that breaches is in red and bold. You can select various options from the drop-down. Remember to add the value in the next field that should match your selection from the drop-down.

Aggregate function  Select the matching criteria from the drop-down if this is applicable. If not, then leave as is.

Remember to click Save.