To add a new measurable, click on the +. See highlighted in blue below.

The Create New Measurable pop-up will be displayed.

Name  Type in the name of the new measurable.

Description  Type in a description for the measurable if required.

System Source  Select the relevant system source from the drop-down menu.

GDEF Source Select the relevant GDEF source from the first menu and the relevant options for that source will be available in the second drop-down.

For the metric, select one of the options from the drop-down.

Element  Type in the element or alternatively, select the aggregate option to aggregate.

Check function  Note that this will only be applicable when the function breaches the option you select from the drop-down. Type in the value in the open block next to the drop-down.

Aggregate function  If you would like to use the aggregate function, select the relevant option from the drop-downs. If you are not going to use the aggregate function then leave this as is.

Remember to click Save