I have created a new device, although it has picked up the interface it hasn’t populated any data.

It takes about 10-15mins for a device to begin graphing for the first time, this is due to the way the pollers get populated with devices to poll, and then how the data gets collected and worked out.

It first takes about 7mins before the poller gets the config of the newly added device, after which, it will need to poll the device once. This could be anything from 1-5 mins to establish a baseline (current) value. It then does it a second time which should be 5mins after the previous poll to get the difference between the baseline and the new current value. Only then can a value be added to the graph to be displayed.

The entire process happens automatically, and should generally be quick, but in a worst-case scenario, if the timing of the processes are just unlucky and happen to miss each other, 15-20mins is very reasonable to expect.