There are primarily 2 polling profiles that can be used to monitor VMware:

  1. VMWARE_ESXI - is just a standard snmp poller for monitoring the ESXi server.
  2. VMWARE_API - this is for monitoring your guests and resources across your VMware environment and requires http/s access to a vCenter server as well as a read-only user who has access across the board.  

In this article we will deal with the VMWARE_API Poller:


For monitoring a VMware environment you would need to first create a vmware API user and password on the vCenter Server which Iris can then use for querying and monitoring the VM environment.

Once you have the API user details you will need to perform the following steps in Iris:

  1. Add a device "Configurations > Devices > Add Device"
  2. fill in the hostname 
  3. set the device type to VMware Server
  4. enter the IP address of the vCenter server (not the actual ESXi Server IP address as we query vCenter)
  5. set the Device Profile to VMWARE_API
  6. in the Login user field enter the vmware API username and password.
  7. fill in all other relevant information (primary and backup pollers, etc)
  8. click Save

Iris will then start polling the VMware environment and after a while you will start seeing graphs with relevant information for the VMware servers and the vm-guests hosted on them.

With regards to SNMP ESXi polling, add the ESXi server like any other device and set its device profile to VMWARE_ESXI