There have been a number of cases recently where the graphs for Calix devices (most prominent with E7-20s) are largely gaps instead of actual data, and the more populated with ONTs the Calix OLT is, the worse it gets. In working with Calix on this issue, we have tracked the issue down to the firmware on V2 ONTs (specifically 801Gv2, but this could include others as well). The Calix internal reference/ticket for this is GI-2640. At the time of writing this article, the recommended course of action is to upgrade the firmware on the ONTs to release (or later). The notes on this issue from the Calix engineer is as follows:


We have identified a bug that we believe to be related to the issue. This bug relates to delayed responses to SNMP polling on 801Gv2 units and is listed as fixed in the release notes for version (current GA release). The bug reference is as follows: 

Resolved in Release


• Resolved: SNMP polling for ONT ethernet port statistics. (GI-2640)