A new poll routine is available to retrieve HTTP Response Code, HTTP Response Content Length, HTTP Response Result and HTTP Response Time for any sites required to be monitored. In order to set this up, you’ll need to do the following steps.

1.  Requires a CSV via HTTP

  • Comma-separated
  • Columns MNEMONIC + URL
  • Basic auth supported
  • All URLs must be 100% syntactically correct

2.  Add data

All entries require a mnemonic + URL, for example:

3.  Serving URL

A URL is required from where you serve the CSV data, it must be accessible from the poller. The CSV can be served from your own web server or through to use of Google Sheets.

Using Google Sheets:

  • Create a new sheet
  • Column A - Mnemonic
  • Column B - URL
  • Publish
  • File -> Publish to the web
  • Link -> Option 1 Change to the sheet
  • Link -> Option 2 Change to CSV
  • Publish
  • Copy the URL for Bitly
  • Don’t tick require users to sign in
  • Tick Automatically publish changes

4.  Bitly

We require a Bitly short URL set as the login user

How to create:

  • Go to https://bitly.com/
  • Enter your URL in the Shorten your link input box
  • Click shorten
  • Paste Bitly URL into Auth Secret for the device (a new device will need to be created, with device vendor/type set to GENERIC -> Http Response)

Once the device is configured, the HTTP Response graphs should appear shortly (after the necessary processes run).