2 Steps to Install Iris Home / Cloud Poller

Step 1:

Goto https://home.irisns.com

Login with your Iris username and password

Configuration->Manage Devices->Add New device

Fill in all the required fields

Hostname: A name for the device

Class: Choose Customer Edge

Vendor: IRIS

Type: Iris Standalone or cPoller

IP address: We can make or you can add the actual IP

API Key: This is used on the cPoller to ID your device

Monitoring Profile: UNIX_SERVER, this tells Iris how to poll the device.

Click Save

Edit device and set itself as primary poller.

Click Save

Step 2:

SSH into your cPoller device and run the following commands. It assumes you're running some flavour of debian/ubuntu and have sudo rights.

$ wget https://repo.irisns.com/patch/setup-cpoller.sh
$ chmod +x setup-cpoller.sh
$ ./setup-cpoller.sh

Add the API key from https://home.irisns.com when prompted